Are Dental Implants Right for you?

Have you lost one or more teeth? Are you unhappy with (or cannot tolerate) dentures or other options?  Do you want to preserve your remaining natural teeth?  Are you afraid to laugh, eat and smile in front of other people?

Most people who have lost teeth can have successful implants! The ideal candidate must be in good health, have healthy gums and sufficient underlying bone.  Age is not a drawback.  Implants have been successful on many children as well as senior patients.

We will be happy to discuss all the options you have available to return your smile and bite to their natural state.  Together, we can make the best decision for your long-term dental health, considering your unique set of circumstances.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root (made
of synthetic material) that is surgically anchored
in your jaw to hold a replacement tooth, bridge
or denture in place. Implants are made from
different types of metallic and bone-like ceramic
materials that are compatible with body tissue.
How long does the process take?
Two to twelve months to complete but each
patient heals differently so times will vary. We can
advise you about the projected timeline and
healing process.
How long will a dental implant last?
This depends not only on the skill and the area in
which they were placed but also on the care that
you give them afterwards. With modern techniques
and improved materials, the majority of implants
last 10 years or more.
Will implants reduce jawbone loss?
Yes, implants may reduce jawbone loss in
edentulous (i.e., those missing all teeth in one
or both jaws) patients.