The dental implant procedure can be costly. It requires multiple appointments and a team of specialists over an extended period of time. All of this can add up to a single tooth dental implant treatment ranging from $1500 to $7500. When you are purchasing a dental implant you are purchasing a service, not a commodity. Keep that in mind while price shopping. Dental implants are “medical devices” implanted into living tissue. This living tissue also is home to nerves, blood vessels and sinuses. The placement of dental implants requires both skill and experience.

A Dental implant has the potential to be a permanent long term solution to missing teeth. When positioned well this is a fantastic option. Unfortunately, if the implant is positioned incorrectly this can become a problem for many years. Because your mouth has such a small area to work within, a small error in placement can be the difference between a successful implant and failure. Removing an improperly placed implant is difficult, which adds to the cost. The experience of the surgeon directly affects the chances of a successful implant.

In addition to the procedure, the cost of materials also impacts the price of your dental implant. At Able Dental Group we use the most cost effective system available without sacrificing quality. Materials are selected for each individual patient to maximize the required results.

The cost of doing nothing

When a tooth root is extracted, the bone that used to surround it will gradually retract. Without the root, the bone is no longer stimulated by the forces of chewing and biting. Within the first year following an extraction there is a 25% decrease in the width of bone in the jaw, while bone height gradually decreases over time.

As a result, serious problems both aesthetically and functionally, may arise, particularly for people who have lost all their teeth. If you still have some natural teeth, bone loss can affect their stability, and the lack of replacement teeth allows existing teeth to drift out of position. This can affect your bite and is yet another reason why doing nothing is not a good solution.

Able Dental wants to ensure you will receive the greatest benefit from your dental implants. We offer third-party financing that meets your monthly budget. When you come to Able Dental for your consultation with your patient-care coordinator, we’ll help you find a way to achieve your dental goals.