Julie D
Julie D
Registered Dental Assistant

A Little About Julie

Q: What is your nickname?

A: Jules/Duce

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: Magrath, AB

Q: What is your hidden talent?

A: Singing

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: Men’s feet

Q: Favourite movie?

A:  The Greatest Showman

Q: You'd like to be famous for?

A: Helping others find joy and happiness

Q: What tv show/movie are you embarrassed to admit you love?

A: Anything Disney

Q: Best vacation you've had?

A: Europe – London, France and Italy

Q: If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

A:  gun, tent and a fire-starting kit.

Q: Top three life highlights?

A: 2 beautiful daughters, our wedding and singing the national anthem at high school rodeo finals

Q: What book did you last read?

A: Girl, Wash Your Face

Q: What would be the title of your autobiography? 

A: A Day in the life of...